Freitag, 24. Juni 2011

Police doesnt need warrants anymore?

This is a video you wont believe.
A policeman shots a youngster in his home, saying:
"i need no warrant motherfucker!"

The young man was unarmed and simply told the officer to leave, and that he needs a warrant.

The mother was standing outside the house after she let the policemen in.

Ok - there can be crazy people, even in the police force...
but no! The spokesman even defends it in the interview.
but still complains about a bad image of the police.
this is sure not the way to improve that image.

if you even want to encourage other policemen to obey the law, you should call for this guys head.

what are laws good for, if the police can do whatever they want?
who is going to protect us from these guys?
You have to consider that this video is from the US. It is legal to own guns there.
Just imaging what could happen in a country where the population is unarmed.

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