Freitag, 14. Januar 2011

dieing animals worldwide - chemtrails?

There are many reports on dieing animals all over the world.
see here:
english site
and here:
german site

what is the cause of this?
but first of all - a late happy new year!
how are you feeling in the new year?
full of energy? lively? ready to tackle you new goals for the new year.

i dont know - but i feel sleepy, tiered, nauseated.
it seems i am not the only one feeling like this.
all my friends, colleagues and family are complaining every day.
They are telling me exact the same things.
They cant sleep at night, they are tiered,...
not one is telling me that he fells fresh...

Maybe this hard winter is really hard for our body. Maybe that is, what is taking all the energy...
I cant help it but i dont feel that way.
I wasnt freezing this winter. yes there was more snow. but it is surely not to an extend, at which i would say, it is actually tiering my body.

And another thing. Is it only me, or did every family loose a member this winter.
we did. Now everybody i tell so, is telling me that they lost somebody too.

Please tell me i am paranoid, but i get the feeling that everybody feels sick and older and weaker are actually dieing.
and now the animals...

but i only realized all this just today.
today is the first time since long, that i can see a blu sky with little clouds.
and just when the sun hit my face i immediately felt like i have fresh energy.
I hope it is really just a lack of sunlight and not the chemtrails.

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